JW Hay RackBorn in a small farming community and raised on a family farm in Central Minnesota settled by my ancestors in 1866, I was active in agriculture at a very young age. Taking care of the family livestock and helping with daily chores around the farm kept me busy. In this picture I am riding on a hay wagon with my Grandpa and Uncle on our farm.

Being involved in farming from a very young age and having been a business owner for decades there is one thing that we have learned, do what you say you will do and deliver on that promise. We understand that there are other avenues available for financing farm equipment and you may be asking yourself why you should work with Ag Equipment Finance (AEF)? Here is our answer to that question. The programs we offer, simplicity of our business model, and relationships are all extremely important to us. We understand that it all starts with you, our customer; if we don’t have you then we don’t have a business. We are not a huge conglomerate that needs to have five meetings and a week’s time in order to come up with an answer. We can give you a straight out answer almost immediately when you request what your are needing. AEF sees every farmer equally no matter how many acres you farm or how large of a tractor or other piece of equipment you are looking to add to your operation.

As agriculture operations and equipment continue to change we are 100% committed to offering innovative financing solutions to complement your equipment purchases. It pays not to have all your eggs in one basket as a wise person once said and that’s why we are here. If you are looking for an additional option to finance your farm equipment that is SIMPLE give us an opportunity, you will like how we operate and how fast our process is. Please feel free to contact me directly anytime and thank you for allowing us to serve your Ag Equipment Financing needs.


President & Founder


Working with Ag Equipment Finance was by far the best experience we have had financing our equipment. Their online application was simple and they responded quickly. They put together a program for our forage equipment that met our needs and we will be going back to them in the future.

C & S Inc.
Forage Equipment
AEF was up front with their program laying out how it worked and there were no surprises. The staff was friendly to work with and the complete process took less than 24 hours from beginning to end, it was a lot faster than I ever thought it would be. Thanks again!

Doug S.
JD 4700 Sprayer